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Hi, I'm Rachel!

A Journey and Evolution to Personal Empowerment 

 I'm your guide to elevated well-being, mindful, conscious living, and intuitive eating practices. 

Many years of my own life were spent feeling dis-empowered, anxious and fatigued. I often felt overwhelmed and overpowered by the noise and societal structures surrounding me.

I've always been empathic and sensitive, and the more I learned to embrace these qualities, the more inner strength and resilience I developed. 

My intense desire to help others live healthier and foodie tendencies led to pursue a degree in Dietetics. As much as I loved diving into the science of food and psychology of food behavior, I soon discovered that my career options in the field were primarily clinical/medical oriented and the opportunities to connect with individuals on a deeper level were few and far between. 

Less than 2 years into my career, I was led towards the path of becoming a Health Coach which allowed me to expand my knowledge base and modalities for behavior change. 

The more I learned, the more additional layers of wellness revealed themselves. I realized that in order to help people with true and lasting transformation, I needed to incorporate a unique, holistic, integrative approach.

It's become clearer over my years that my purpose is to help other women feel empowered so that they can clarify what they want out of life and how they want to feel along the way. 

I love to connect the dots between physical health and your ability to show up to pursue your passions and fulfill your dharma or purpose here in this lifetime. 

My goal is to help you create a toolbox of daily practices, rituals, and intentions you can draw upon as needed to maintain the sense of balance, vitality and ease you desire in your life. 

It's so common for women give up their power, searching for answers outside of themselves. I'm here to tell you that no one else knows what is best for you, your body and your life. You deserve to feel empowered and excited about every decision you make because you're doing it for you!

My passion is to help you realize that the answers you seek are already inside. I'm here to guide you to discover your unique path and plan to thriving, radiant health!

Professional Bio:

Masters of Science in Dietetics

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist

ACE Certified Health Coach

Behavior Change Specialist

Reiki Practitioner