Beta group enrollment is now open!

The journey begins 12.2.19

A 4 week program to establish a healthy, rewarding relationship with food that lasts a lifetime.

Without restrictions or rules!

Healthy can feel easy, intuitive, natural. 

2020 is a year of massive transformation, up-leveling, and new paradigm thinking.  

Do you want a head start on healthy living before we enter into the new decade?

If you’re tired of dieting & unsuccessful attempts to change your habits, it’s time for radically new approach.

One that truly gets to the root of your mindset around health, food and the way you live your life through addressing stress, emotions, limiting beliefs, and what matters most to you.

That combines food psychology, intuitive nutrition, body intelligence, and spiritual insight for maximum impact and lasting transformation.

This program is not your average weight loss, quick fix, lose 20 lbs, eat only 5 foods kind of deal.

This is about creating sustainable, lasting change, new habits you’re actually excited about, and a foundationally healthy relationship with food that lasts a lifetime.

This program is for you if...

You want to tap into the inner wisdom and healing power of your body.

You want a food philosophy that empowers you rather than making you feel fearful.

You’re confused about what to eat and are unsure of exactly what’s right for you.

You want to address the root causes of your emotional eating and feel comfortable with alternative routes for processing them.

You live in your head and are craving practices that will deepen your connection to the present moment & your physical body.

You want to more easily and naturally be able to navigate social situations, gatherings and conversations centered around food.

You don’t want to feel restricted or hungry but are afraid of the alternatives.

You want to eat healthier but have found yourself resisting change or falling back into your old habits after a short period of time.

You’re tired of obsessing about and feeling anxious about food and your weight and you’re ready to ditch dieting for good.

This program is NOT for you if...

You are looking for a quick fix or a weight loss regimen

You’re looking for a one size fits all approach

You are not ready to change and readily find excuses and loopholes

You are not committed to doing the inner work

You are dealing with a serious chronic health condition that requires specialized support

You have an active eating disorder that requires more specialized care and attention


What’s included? 

  • Private Facebook community to connect and share as you embark on this transformational journey

  • 4 weeks of mini digestible modules that you can watch at your own pace

  • 1 live Q & A session inside the group

  • Weekly journaling prompts & exercises

  • Resource guides


Week 1: Foundations

Build awareness around your food habits, values, beliefs and anxieties. Uncover food patterns and stories that aren’t serving you and begin to strengthen your intuitive relationship with food. Start to amp up your ability to tune into your body’s needs and decipher it’s language. 

Week 2: Alignment

Embody your natural inner intuitive eater. Unravel shoulds and rules and uncover what your ideal food choices are. Learn to embrace flexibility and evolution while also nourishing yourself well through nutrient dense foods. Align your food and lifestyle choices with your values in order to facilitate sustainable change. 

Week 3: Mindset

Emotional eating, anxiety and habits. We’ll discuss how to replace old, stagnant, unhealthy habits and address the emotions and feelings attached to our food behavior. The road to healing ourselves through nutrition is a 2 way street. Establish healthy habits, but only from a place of self-care and self-love. Learn how to boost your mood through both nutrition and mindset. 

Week 4: Your Next Level

Nutrition and lifestyle as a tool for spiritual growth. Align with compassion and love by making conscious choices. Use introspection to understand what your choices, habits and emotions are telling you. Allow yourself to learn, change and evolve. Raise your vibration through high quality, nutritious foods. 



Beta round: $55 (75% off regular price!)

There are limited spaces available and this will be the only time this program is offered at this rate. 

Email me directly with questions.

I can't wait to welcome you into this sacred container of deep transformation!

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