• Rachel Ceness

Don't Let Imperfections Hold You Back From Living The Life You Dream Of


Does it exist?

Some would argue that perfection is a figment of our own human imaginations. What does it actually mean to be perfect?

Many of us spend our lives chasing after perfectionism. We spend years waiting until we reach society's standard before we feel we have achieved success.

Does this lead to true fulfillment? More often, it does not. When what we are are striving for or seeking is validated only by external sources such as our parents, or by society, we may experience a sense of dissonance deep within. We do and achieve what we think we "should". But does that resonate with our own core values and desires?

Many of us go through life on autopilot, rarely stepping back to look at the big picture. It is necessary to gain that perspective if what we seek from life is to feel fulfilled on a deeper level.

Ask yourself what your top 5 core values are.

Are you living by these values or by the value system that you were placed into? Most humans automatically assume the value systems of society at large, or the educational system, the government or whatever higher systems we believe control our lives and that we respect or even fear the most.

It's time to re-evaluate and trust your higher self again. Deep inside, we ALL have an inner knowing that we are wise, divine beings capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for.

The other offering I have from this thought bubble is to consider how perfectionism may be holding you back.

Are you waiting around for things to line up just so before making any bold moves?

That time may never come. This is often our subconscious mind's way of avoiding things that make us feel uncomfortable. That way we can just wait things out and cozy up in our comfort zones, hiding away as the years tick by.

Those who chose to take action on their dreams and desires anyway know that nothing good ever comes from waiting until things are perfect. That's just a myth that's ingrained within many of us.

Buzzword "Messy action" may or may not be on your radar. it means just going for it, and not waiting for the exact right moment, the exact perfect circumstances. As long as your goal is aligned with your soul's burning desires and your core values, the time to act is NOW.

The longer we wait, the more our subconscious believes that we don't consider ourselves good enough or worthy or achieving our desires. As humans, we are all born on equal playing ground no matter what our life circumstances. We are all WORTHY and DESERVING of living the life that will make us happiest and make the impact that we want to see in the world.

How has perfectionism impacted your own life?



(Originally Published 7/20/18)

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