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How to Thrive & Stay Well This Winter

Ahh, winter. Stillness, peace, quiet, hibernation, solitude, introspection.

You probably either love it or hate it. It's the one season that probably causes the most polarity among the masses.

Do you feel resistance this time of year when the earth slows down, and invites you to take a pause?

Maybe it makes you feel uncomfortable or brings up some deeper rooted feelings of stagnation in your life.

How can we learn to embrace the cold and the darkness and see the beauty that has been there all along?

One of the most important things to recognize is that just as Mother Earth has seasons and cycles, so do we humans. We're not meant to be going at one speed all year. Our energy, motivation, and inspiration ebbs and flows for a reason.

Focusing on BALANCING the energies that are present in our particular geographic area and that are happening within our bodies can be especially beneficial during the winter season.

Embrace the PAUSE. Allow yourself extra time for rest, self-care and reflection.

Provide your body warm, nourishing, soul-soothing foods. Cooked, warm food are easier to digest, and help our immune system stay in prime shape. Drink plenty of warm beverages, even warm water can help maintain a healthy body by keeping us hydrated and at the same time aiding in the digestive processes.

Maintain PERSPECTIVE when it comes to holiday indulgences. It's wonderful to embrace the seasonal foods and treats, and to truly enjoy and savor them. This means slowing down, eating mindfully and expressing gratitude. Ask yourself what you truly want vs. what's convenient or flashy. Choose things that you know you love, that will satisfy a craving and fulfill your foodie dreams.

Get intentional about your TIME during the holidays. Avoid over-committing. Remember that it's OK to say no. Take the time you need to honor yourself and your body.

REMEMBER the reason we give gifts at this time of year. What do you want to express to others through your generosity? Where have you historically gotten wrapped up in price tags or status symbols? How can you be more intentional and give from the heart this year?

How does the winter make you feel? How can you intentionally embrace it's beauty more this year?

Does this all spike your interest? Do you want to hear and learn more?

Good News!!!

I'm running a 3 week challenge all about embracing winter wellness and radiance in my Facebook group. It's called Joyful & Thriving. It's going to be filled with supportive community, guidance, and tips to inspire you to make this winter one to remember.

Join us over in the Intuitive Wellness Warriors for daily action steps, live videos, and the boost of inspiration you've been looking for!

With love,


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