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Virgo Super Moon Vibes; Clarify and Align

February 19th, 2019 bring us the largest and most powerful super moon of 2019. Super moons take place when the moon is closer in orbit to the earth, making it appear bigger and brighter. The closer proximity also leads us to believe that it's energy and influence is more powerful at this time.

There's something about a big, bright, full super moon that feels undeniably magical. I think everyone who notices the moon around this time will be taken aback by its stunning beauty and power.

The buzz in the spiritual world right now is all about the healing power and new positive energy available to us right now. We're being guided towards a release of old patterns. Old thought patterns, negative beliefs, toxic habits. Anything that no longer serves us and where we want to and chose to go from this moment forward on our journey.

What are you being called to release at this time?

Has there been a repeating pattern or negative thought that you simply can't hold energetic space for anymore?

What new beliefs and habits would you consciously like to cultivate in order to become the upgraded version of yourself?

I'm feeling a strong need for a collective alignment. A need to step back and reflect on what 2019 has brought forth for us so far, and how we can shift and align even more with our desires.

What lessons have come forth in obvious or less than obvious ways so far in 2019?

What are you proud of for accomplishing thus far this year? It's a great moment to celebrate those things!

What are your next steps along your path towards more joy, fulfillment, abundance?

Virgo energy can be very practical and lends itself well to organization. Use this to your advantage and do a little bit more planning and solidifying of your desires. A great way to solidify your desires and bring them down into reality from floating around your head is to write them all down! Try setting new intentions, clarifying priorities for the coming month, or organizing your calendar.

Personally, I'm feeling a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration! I'll take it ;) How has this super moon been affecting your energy so far? Drop me a comment below!

With love,


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