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I'm so excited to introduce...

Intuitive, Mindful Eating for Life

A class to liberate you from food rules & tune in to the language of your body

Are you ready to uncover and release old beliefs about food that no longer serve you and replace them with a fresh perspective that leaves you feeling healthy AND empowered?

Imagine no more dieting, food rules, calories counting, feeling lost about what the eat, or pressure to join the latest fitness craze.

Feel more confident in making lifestyle choices every day from a place of love, joy and ease.

You'll learn what Intuitive Eating is, how to start integrating it into your lifestyle, how to build up the skill of trusting and listening to your body and more!

I am now offering this class online as well as locally in the Buffalo, NY area

Join the online Masterclass happening on February 5th here.

Join me at New World Gifts in Williamsville, NY on Sunday, February 16th at 10:30 am. Info and tickets here

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