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"I have had coaching sessions with Rachel and am a part of her Facebook group. I have learned so much about intuitive eating and really getting to know my body. It makes for a happier, healthier, eating experience. I can be and feel healthy without feeling restricted. 

Rachel was so supportive during our coaching sessions. It was nice to have guidance geared towards my own specific needs. She is very easy to talk to and even provided journal prompts to help me consistently reflect on my progress. 

I am grateful to have experienced the coaching sessions, it has opened my eyes to understanding my habits and new ways of looking at things."

-Kimberly, Wellness Coaching Client

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Rachel is not like any nutritionist. She is a rare gem!

Not only is she knowledgeable and has the education and experience to know about how to advise one to care for their bodies through nutrition, she guides you on how to nourish your heart and soul as well.

Also, this incredible woman is warm, empathic and non judgmental and will meet where you are on your journey and then customize a plan with you.

I'd recommend her for an intuitive eating journey and nutrition plan any day! Thank you Rachel. <3

-Beth, Wellness Coaching Client

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I used to have a TON of stomach pain, nausea and acid reflux every day.

It's not fun feeling trapped in your own body.

It makes you feel like you're trapped in your own mind!

Since speaking with Rachel Ceness of Blooming with Health, I started eating more mindfully & intuitively. Food had been guilty for me-rushed, awkward, wolfed down so I wouldn't have to sit with the feelings. 

So I slowed down.

And WOW! I haven't felt any nausea or acid for over a month. I digest easily. Much less bloat. I have more energy. 


Image by Sarah Brown

Rachel's insight and intuition is spot on. Her reading resonated with me, and simply stated the overall areas in my energetic life that I need to improve on or be reminded of. She lays out each card and offers you an explanation that is clear and to the point. I highly recommend her if you are in need of guidance in any area of your life. 

-Kayla, Tarot reading client


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